Property Claims Management

ClaimPilot’s automated solution for managing residential and commercial property claims expedites the process from the initial assignment of work through settlement.

Our cloud-based platform simplifies your management of a wide range of property claims for damages incurred from wind and hail, fire and lightning, water, freezing temperatures, vandalism, break-ins, liability and automobile accidents that damage property, such as a fence, building or another vehicle.

For both residential and commercial claims:

  • Customizable modules provide input fields for assigning work, generating initial contact letters, investigations, time spent adjusting, police and fire reports, and settlements. 
  • Robust functionality ensures adherence to time stipulations established in Service Level Agreements for written contact with claimants, inspections, and reporting.
  • Our billing module helps you track time and expenses easily.
  • Fee schedules can be set up for the amount charged to the carrier based on the amount of the loss.
  • Detailed reporting can be scheduled, including Lloyd’s Reporting.

    Specific to commercial claims:

    • Modules allow you to set limits of liability and different coverages for each of the multiple properties and equipment covered under a commercial policy, which helps you monitor the limits and protects you from overpayment.
    • ClaimPilot makes it simple to connect the dots in real time between a claim, property or equipment, and a policy.
    • Once we map a new carrier, ClaimPilot can expeditiously map its API into our module infrastructure.
    • Multiple occurrence tracking allows you to report claims together and see the total cost tied to a specific policy.  

    If you are a third-party administrator or independent adjuster looking to boost productivity, request a demo to see how ClaimPilot makes it simple to schedule adjusters, handle billing, adjudicate claims and increase the efficiency of your salaried claims adjusters. We can also show you how the addition of the Xactware® suite, including the Xactimate® flagship estimating system, can help you accurately estimate and close claims faster.