You depend on data accuracy every single day, and ClaimPilot stands behind every report and can verify and validate the data. 

We have all the management and financial reports you would expect from a 20-year industry leader, offering a fully integrated reporting suite that provides everything you need to be successful. Importantly, ClaimPilot can generate reports with real-time information or a historical snapshot of a specific moment in time.

ClaimPilot’s reporting system has an unlimited set of parameters that allows you to filter data, generate reports and automatically share them electronically with designated internal and external recipients. Our comprehensive library of pre-built reports runs the gamut from loss runs to diary notes lists to OSHA reports to 1099 reports, including:

  • Claim List 
  • Claim List All Open Claims
  • Claim List of Open Claims 
  • Claim List by Year
  • Claim Loss Run 
  • Claim Loss Run Summary
  • Claim Loss Run Summary by Date of Occurrence  
  • Claim Loss Run Summary by Occurrence Year
  • Claim Loss Run Summary Single Year 
  • Claim Summary Report                          
  • Claimant Bills/Compensations Report 
  • Compensations by Claim Type
  • Diary Notes Lists 
  • Lloyd’s Reporting Template
  • Management Information (MI) Reporting
  • Open Claims List
  • Open Claims by Date of Occurrence 
  • Open Claims by Year                                    
  • OSHA Reports 
  • Payments by Vendor
  • Repricing Report 
  • SI-40 Compensation by Claim Type/Claimant
  • SI-40 Summary 
  • Statue Aging Report
  • Summary Report 
  • 1099 Reports

From the workflow side of ClaimPilot’s dynamic reporting system,

Third-party administrators (TPAs) and independent adjusters (IAs) can easily generate loss runs to report the legal and medical expenses across claims and the set-aside reserves.

√ TPAs can monitor adjuster productivity, as well as claims payments and reserves.

√ Similarly, IAs can quickly monitor the efficiency and performance of adjusters.

√ TPAs can see all of the data on a specific claim on an ad-hoc basis.

√ TPAs have access to Lloyd’s Reporting at no additional cost to report specific data on risks, premiums and claims transacted under contracts with syndicates.

From a management perspective,

√ Self-insured (SI) entities can easily comply with OSHA reporting requirements.

√ TPAs can market ClaimPilot’s time-saving efficiencies to their clients.

√ TPAs and IAs benefit from ClaimPilot’s ability to build in their services and rate schedules, run reports for their clients and roll that data into invoices.

√ IAs can manage each field adjuster’s compensation, track and run management reports on claims investigations costs, cut checks through ClaimPilot to pay field adjusters and claimants, and report data back to clients for reimbursement of claims and fees.  

√ Adjusters have at-your-fingertips access to an instant claims summary.

√ ClaimPilot’s robust functionality can pull up documents by type, such as all legal expenses, which can be zipped into a file and attached to an email sent through ClaimPilot.

Data Markers for Word Documents enable you to customize and generate general acknowledgment letters.

Data Markers for Excel Spreadsheets allow you to fully customize reports and pull back data.

Customizable Analytics with drill-down functionality lets you generate charts and graphs from data. This is ideally suited for a high-level user who needs a quick overview, such as a CEO who builds out a dashboard for immediate feedback on the company’s productivity.

Importantly, we can fully integrate with other reporting systems through a data bridge. For example, if you currently use Microsoft Power BI for your business analytics and interactive visualizations, ClaimPilot has a process that easily exports data in a standard-format comma-separated values (CSV) file that you can pull into your own system to generate your own reporting.

If you’re looking for user-friendly management and financial reporting capabilities, and access to a comprehensive library of pre-built reports that give you a competitive advantage when selling to new clients, take the first step now and request a demo.