Lloyd’s Reporting

ClaimPilot’s inclusion of Lloyd’s Reporting at no additional cost enables you to report specific data on risks and claims transacted under their contracts with syndicates. We meticulously build out the template with data markers and label it in compliance with each syndicate’s requirements.

We put a wide range of beneficial reports and features at your fingertips as a ClaimPilot client.

Report Generation

  • Bordereau “BDX” Reports generated by Lloyd’s Reporting software show a probabilistic view of future exposure and projected payouts on losses, evaluate client margins and profitability, to help insurers determine potential premium adjustments and identify trends.
  • Management Information Reports have ClaimPilot’s built-in tracking for self-monitoring and self-reporting certain KPIs – how fast you turn over claims each month, complaint response time, the amount of correspondence between claimants and adjusters – in compliance with service agreements.
  • Pillar Reports provide a snapshot of a claim and outstanding reserves at the end of specific periods.
  • Catastrophe “CAT” Reports comply with a state-instituted data call for insurance claims and other relevant information associated with catastrophic damage. Read our latest blog on this.
  • Expeditious execution is reflected in the mere seconds it takes to generate reports, including those with large amounts of data.
  • Advance scheduling allows you to schedule reports in advance to run automatically. Reports can even be generated to yours or a preferred inbox.

Extensive Functionality

Very few systems offer our extensive functionality. Contracts and policy percentages can be managed in ClaimPilot, and payments can be split out between different contracts, even if they have different bank accounts.

Syndicate Reporting Updates

ClaimPilot accommodates and handles upgrades, testing, and deployment of software as updated versions are required by syndicates.

New Business Opportunities

Similar to the other components in ClaimPilot’s robust reporting suite, Lloyd’s Reporting opens up new business opportunities for you. In fact, Lloyd’s is projecting double-digit growth within the next year giving your business the ability to be more profitable.

Learn how to be more efficient with Lloyds Reporting in our free 20-minute webinar! Our Director of Customer Service walks you through how to save time and money on your Lloyds reporting efforts.
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