A web-based claims management solution paired with unparalleled customer support

For claims management professionals who are looking to scale and manage their business, ClaimPilot offers its web-based claims management solution that provides the ease of use, features and functionality you need to:

  • Efficiently manage and automate claims processing
  • Gain visibility of claim and financial information with custom reporting
  • Address increasing demands of data inputs required with customizable features
  • Increase claims processing efficiency

Features you need

with legendary customer support

Unlike unwieldy, feature-loaded risk management-focused claims software or lighter software packages that focus on document management only, ClaimPilot provides the features you need to manage your claims including Lloyd’s compliance, and workers comp functionality.
Plus, you get our legendary customer support.  Our team of experts partner with our clients to build custom reports and functionality to support your growing business. The way we see it, if you are successful, we’ll be successful.

Third-Party Administrators

Keeping up with the latest insurance regulations, managing adjusters, ensuring compliance with your customers, and handling claims expediently and fairly can be challenging.  That’s why we’ve developed ClaimPilot, a SaaS claims management platform that is easy-to-use and provides the features you want without the fluff and expense associated with risk management-focused software. Whether you need Lloyd’s compliance or custom financial reporting, the ClaimPilot software has what you need. Read more>>>

Independent Adjusters

Investigating and documenting claims is challenging enough, the last thing you need is a claims management software that is difficult to use and without desired functionality.  The ClaimPilot claims management software is easy-to-use while providing all of the robust features you need like robust document handling. Plus, ClaimPilot is the software of choice for many TPA’s so ClaimPilot allows you to better integrate with their workflows and can make you more marketable to them. Read more>>>

Self-Insured Entities

In-house claims managers have a lot on their plates. Managing claims as part of a very small team takes time, and it can feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Our SaaS platform provides an easy way to manage your worker’s compensation claims while gaining all the visibility you need with financial and other custom reporting. Our advanced worker’s compensation module makes processing long-term, complicated claims easy with automation capabilities that make it easy to comply with state-specific regulations, and Power BI integration for easily customizing the software to your organization. Read more>>>