Banking Features

ClaimPilot’s robust, automated banking system is user-friendly, fully reportable, transparent, and can accommodate any workflow.

From traditional banking methods to modern epayment solutions, ClaimPilot supports a full suite of payment options backed by detailed reporting that tracks, manages, and reconciles your transactions in real-time.    

Checks in any format can be cut with an explanation of benefits (EOB) on the check stubs.

ACH electronic transfers transmitted in batches through an automated clearinghouse can be scheduled or sent manually.

Wire transfers electronically transfer funds directly from your bank account.

Integrated payments use the 820 EDI single file format adopted by many banks for any type of banking transaction.

Vitesse for Lloyd’s payments simplifies cross-border payments and liquidity management.

VPay is a total payment solution that streamlines every aspect of the payment process.

ATA electronically transfers funds directly from your account with no additional fees.

Workers’ Compensation Payments. ClaimPilot eliminates the tremendous complexities associated with Workers’ Compensation claims adjudication by automating the banking process. Simply input the parameters into our Workers’ Compensation calculator, and ClaimPilot generates the compensation payments throughout the life of the claim for the injured worker and any additional recipients receiving payments for child support, alimony and legal fees.

Bank Integrations. ClaimPilot is integrated with all major banks. If your financial institution is a small local or regional bank, no problem; we can work with any bank and have an expeditious, streamlined process for setup and testing. Once your setup has been completed, payments go out on a regular basis and are then marked as transmitted and paid in ClaimPilot. You can request payment confirmations directly with your financial institutions.

Account Rollups. If you’re involved in Lloyd’s insurance, we offer a process for rolling up your bank accounts and splitting out payments to multiple contracts based on their percentage of ownership on a single policy. As an added benefit, you can pay claims out of a single master account that has subaccounts rolled into it.

Bank Account Reconciliation. Reconcile your bank accounts quickly and easily by importing transactions into ClaimPilot.

Reports. Run scheduled reports for an accurate snapshot of your bank accounts and banking transactions.    

If you’re looking for a robust banking system that can accommodate any workflow and minimize user involvement, request a demo to see how ClaimPilot can simplify and automate your workload.