Automotive Claims Management

Simplify your management of automotive claims, enhance your efficiency and accelerate the settlement process with ClaimPilot’s cloud-based claims management platform.

  • ClaimPilot’s integration with carrier application programming interfaces (APIs) allows for seamless data sharing: extract policies, data information, and declarations pages to determine coverage, limits, deductibles, discounts, riders, and policy updates in real-time, all of which can be attached in ClaimPilot.
  • Modules can be configured to your specifications to split out and track vehicle, driver, and claims information.  
  • Better outcomes are a direct result of streamlined assignments and claims routing.
  • Greater accuracy, improved efficiencies, and streamlined processes boost your bottom line.

If you’re ready to improve operational efficiencies and automate your workflow from the first notice of loss (FNOL) through settlement, request a demo and see firsthand ClaimPilot’s extensive range of benefits and features.