General Liability Claims Management

ClaimPilot’s cloud-based solution simplifies the otherwise time-consuming management of the broad range of general liability claims involving bodily injury and property damage resulting from business operations, products or services, or employees.

  • Whether slip and fall, data breach, errors and omissions, cybersecurity, or other general liability claims, ClaimPilot optimizes workflow, minimizes errors, and provides a real-time, single-source snapshot of claims.
  • ClaimPilot’s automated workflows and robust reporting enhance your productivity, efficiency, and bottom line.
  • The intuitive functionality of customizable modules is user-friendly, adaptable, and scalable. 
  • Client satisfaction is paramount, and ClaimPilot’s skilled programmers and knowledgeable client support team respond quickly to your requests.

The first step toward putting ClaimPilot’s first-of-its-kind platform working to your success is to request a demo and see the extensive range of benefits and features firsthand.