Case Study – The Littleton Group

The Littleton Group’s website homepage prominently features its pledge “to provide you with quality insurance claim services that are professional, accurate and expeditious, with a program geared to your specifications.” For more than eight years, ClaimPilot’s web-based claims management system has helped The Littleton Group live up to that promise through application programming interface (API) integration customization.

The Challenge: Cumbersome, Inefficient Processes

Struggling to process a high volume of automobile insurance claims efficiently and accurately as a third-party administrator. Using outdated and non-intuitive systems.

The Solution: A Seamless, Streamlined Process

ClaimPilot’s custom API integration. This streamlined process makes accurate and timely information readily available and expedites the claims process.

The Outcome: Efficiencies through Automation

√ Seamless software

√ Increased productivity

√ Cost efficiencies

√ Confidence in accuracy

√ Scalability of the business

“ClaimPilot’s API integration platform has helped us grow our business. We can talk to prospective clients about the things we have built and the things we can build to automate on their end. We’ve always been able to achieve our goals with ClaimPilot.”