How Streamlining Import and Export Processes Can Boost Operational Efficiency by 40-50%

It’s a common problem for third-party administrators across America: turning paper mail into electronic documents and routing those digitized documents to the proper claims.

Talk about an inefficient process, here’s a common reality. A TPA receives huge stacks of mail every day. Each piece of mail must be opened, time stamped, read, scanned and physically distributed to claims adjusters. Every step is manual and time consuming, and the adjuster then repeats some of those same steps.

Tick tock.

It’s no wonder document management is one of the biggest operational issues across the board. This blog shares with you how ClaimPilot resolved a paper-shuffling time drain for a long-time client that yielded widespread applicability to our client base.

Busting Out of the Gerbil Cage 

With a passion for doing what it takes to service clients and a promise to dig deep for solid professional claim results and administrative services, Alaska-based TPA, Northern Adjusters, turned to ClaimPilot for an integrated solution to digitize and manage the thousands of claims documents it processes every year.

To bust out of the gerbil cage, we created an efficient process that time stamps and scans paper mail, then deposits it electronically into ClaimPilot. From a computer screen, a Northern Adjusters employee can access documents, quickly cycle through them, tag specific claim types and easily route them to specific claims. Recipients of the routed documents receive a new document notification in ClaimPilot, which they can easily click, view and act upon.

Bottom line: one employee spearheads the scans and a second employee routes the documents, which:

         √ Eliminates unnecessary steps

         √ Streamlines the process

         √ Minimizes errors

         √ Increases employee efficiency by 40-50%

         √ Boosts claims bandwidth

         √ Frees up employees for other responsibilities

Streamlining Document Distribution

In addition to the import component of this project, ClaimPilot also created an export process to streamline document distribution to clients. Northern Adjusters’ original process was tedious and time consuming, which involved running a report for every document entered that day, manually pulling out documents and zipping them in files according to each client’s specific preferences and uploading to FTP sites. Like the import solution, ClaimPilot’s streamlined export solution saves employees time, eliminates errors and further boosts employee efficiency.

You can read more about the intriguing two-step solution in our case study titled “How ClaimPilot Increased Time Efficiency by More Than 40% for Alaska’s Premiere Claims Handling Third-Party Administrator” here.

Turning Complexity into Simplicity

While the import and export solutions may sound simple, both were highly complex.

ClaimPilot made something complex simple for the client to execute, which speaks to the tremendous talents of ClaimPilot’s software developers who listen, then build functionality to support operational efficiency, growth and scalability.

Even though these solutions were designed for a specific client request, a portion of those solutions were built into ClaimPilot software, which ensures mutual benefit for all our valued clients.

Solving issues … creating efficiencies … sharing the benefits … another reason why ClaimPilot enjoys an impressive 99% retention rate. 

Are You Ready?

To learn more about our document management module with built-in claims management workflows for uploading, downloading and accessing documents, or to learn more about ClaimPilot’s robust platform, request a demo at 972.846.3730 or click here.