Here at ClaimPilot, we have customers all over the world who use our Claims Management System. In order to keep our customers satisfied, we prepare our team with good communication skills. 

We take pride in our our dedicated customer solutions team. At ClaimPilot, we believe it’s important to understand that talking to someone over the phone can be a difficult task. Knowing this can prepare you for the misunderstanding that can take place when messages become muddled and meanings get misinterpreted. 

Recently, our team members participated in a fun exercise to illustrate how messages can get garbled.

This drill consists of a team of two people and a loose set of Legos. Sitting in different locations, one team member has access to the instructions, and the other has the Lego set. The person who is assembling the Legos doesn’t see the photo of the finished product. The team member with the instructions walks the other team member through each step of the building process. 

At ClaimPilot, we had one group go at a time and the rest of our crew was able to watch what happened. This was a lot of fun and we were able to see the communication errors first hand. Often times the team members assumed they understood each other, but then ran into problems later on because of an error. A lot of back tracking and re-explaining took place to get the Legos assembled properly. 

This drill was fantastic way to be reminded how sometimes even the most intelligent people can misunderstand each other.

Note: A small Lego set is ideal for a drill like this. At ClaimPilot, we used a car set with less than 50 pieces. This game is fun with co-workers and even your friends and family!